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Decorating A Rented House: Summer Bedroom Tour

 Let me preface this post with a confession: my house is a mess. I have two toddlers running around. There is plastic tat on every surface. The sofa is now better described as a montage of water stains and sticky finger marks. There is a random travel cot in the living room filled with bits and bobs that don’t have a home anywhere else. And you cannot walk the length of a single room without almost falling over a plastic ball that has made its way out of the ballpit and into the bathroom – for some unknown reason. The whole house is just in a general state of disarray for 90% of the day. All apart from my bedroom – the one space in the house that hasn’t fallen victim to the sticky, dirty, plastic encased hurricane the other rooms seem to have. And, honestly, I find that really important. Now that my baby has grown into a toddler and isn’t sleeping in a cot beside me (or in my bed, more realistically) and my bedroom isn’t a storage facility for bottles and breast pumps and muslin clothes anymore, I try my best to surround myself with things that make me happy. I try to keep my bedroom as tidy as possible and I change out the decor seasonally so that with each season, I feel refreshed and excited for the seasonal changes – and just so the decor doesn’t start feeling stale and tired.Recently, I changed my room around to make it a bit brighter and more fun to reflect the summer season. 

The main area that I focus on within my bedroom is on top of my chest of drawers. I find that putting pictures and decorative bits on top of a tall chest of drawers can break up wall space and add colour to corners of the room without compromising your deposit by hanging up pictures on the wall (although I have done this as my dad vows that he will come and refill the holes in the walls and repaint them before we give up this property – I don’t advise this but this property definitely wasn’t in perfect condition to begin with so I can get away with a little bit more than your typical renter). I swapped out the darker floral print for a bright one (this floral one was gifted by Dear Sam – they have so many awesome prints on their shop, deffo check them out if you are looking for art prints or to create a cool gallery wall). I also swapped out my autumn candles (begrudgingly) for this cool lemon shaped candle from Oliver Bonas and a few other ones that I felt fit the season better. 

Another great way to make your rental bedroom seem more seasonal is by having a clothing rail and displaying your fave seasonal outfits on it. We don’t currently have a wardrobe so all of my clothes permanently live on this rail but I have recently put away my big jumpers and coats into an ottoman and I like to bring my favourite floral blouses to the front of the rail so it is next to my chest of drawers and kinda blends in well with the decor theme. I also like to hang a strawhat on my rail during summertime as this is just such an effortless nod towards summer.Swapping out your bedding for a more seasonal fit is another good way to keep your rental bedroom decor seasonal. I recently bought this William Morris-esque bedding from Dunelm as I think it really fits in well with the colour scheme around my bed – what with the blue toned canvas over my bed and the purple-grey dressing table next to it. Alternatively, some crisp white bedding with colourful throw pillows or some pretty florals would look amazing too.

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