About Me

Hi, I’m Lauren! I
am a British blogger living in Cardiff. I am a mum of two – one vibrant toddler called Ava and a chunky little bubba called Asaba. In my spare time, I like to go for long walks (around Primark) and visit expensive coffee shops and sample all the fancy cakes that I can’t actually afford. I also run my own Etsy shop and have developed a real skill in the field of online shopping (it is an art, don’t @ me). 

I have been
writing my blog since 2013. Over the years, it has always been a place to
document my life and share what I have been loving. These days though, there are
less MAC lipstick reviews and uni room tours and a lot more frank chats about
motherhood, odes to midi skirts, and funny tales about my mishaps abroad.

So, stick around and make yourself known! Leave me a comment or hit up my social media sites (linked below) so we can have a chat.

Or send me over a good, old-fashioned email at theemeralddove21@gmail.com.

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